2023 Election: 99-year old man hopes for new Nigeria

Mr. Joseph Igirim, a 99-year-old resident of Jikwoyi, FCT, Abuja, expressed optimism for a new Nigeria following the release of the election results while they were being tallied on Saturday.

The nonagenarian expressed delight and happiness at taking part in the 2023 elections during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday in Abuja.

Igirim expressed gratitude to God Almighty for giving him the chance and claimed to have voted first in SS quarters, unit 018, Jikwoyi, on Saturday.

He expressed hope that new leaders who could revive the country will be installed as a result of the elections.

“I can’t express my gratitude to God enough; I am not deserving of being alive to participate in the polls on Saturday, but God preserved me.

“I was born in 1924. Some of my friends and acquaintances have passed away, and the few who are still alive are not courageous enough to cast their votes.

“I am healthy and robust, despite the occasional aches I get in my body, but I am aware that old age is to blame.

“This election may be the last time I cast a ballot in my lifetime, and I thank God deeply for that. My happiness comes from finally realizing my ambition of seeing a new Nigeria.

“I am pleased to witness a new Nigeria; I am certain that this time, our votes will count, and the suffering of our people will come to an end.

Nigeria would be better after today’s elections, he said, adding that new things will start to happen there.

Igirim, however, contacted the Federal Government to request that more money be made available to the nation’s citizens to lessen their suffering.

In order to maintain a peaceful country after the elections, he also asked Nigerians to act properly.

Igirim said that after casting his ballot, he declined a voter’s offer to transport him home since he had traveled alone with his walking stick to the voting location.

He said that he informed the man that he could make it home on foot without any assistance and that what he was doing was for exercise (NAN)

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