A lawsuit against Kikky Badass for an Instagram post

The rapper and video vixen from Zimbabwe, Kikky Badass, is now being sued after publishing a contentious Instagram post that got her into legal problems.

Kikky Badass accused Rodney Saratoga Makausi of requesting sexual favors from her in the Instagram post. The flamboyant rapper said that when Makausi contacted her, she turned off his advances.

A well-known lifestyle newspaper called H-Metro claims that Makausi is now pursuing legal action via his attorneys, Saratoga Makausi Law Chambers. After four days of receiving the letter, Kikky must apologize, withdraw her statement, and take down the Instagram post, according to the legal firm’s letter of demand. The message, according to the attorneys, was shared extensively on WhatsApp.

According to Kikky’s article, Makausi texted her to ask for sexual favors. The article makes reference to text messages Kikky alleges Makausi sent using a South African phone number and WhatsApp that included Makausi’s image. Nevertheless, the legal practice rejects these accusations and asserts that they are untrue and libelous. They claim that Makausi’s reputation and career have suffered as a result of the post.

Kikky has been warned that Saratoga Makausi Law Chambers would take legal action against her if she doesn’t withdraw the claims and apologize. . and……………………..

The letter states, “We are directed to demand, and thus do, that you immediately and unconditionally delete the infringing post from your Instagram profile and from any other site on which it has been put. As of now, Kikky Badass hasn’t responded to the case.

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