A safe payment option for small companies is now available on WhatsApp.

Users will be able to pay traders or sellers through their WhatsApp conversation thanks to the secure payment tool that WhatsApp has created for small companies.

Only if their bank has joined the service may users of Mastercard and Visa debit, credit, and prepaid cards utilize this function.

users who download the most recent version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store and the App Store. The functionality “will be available to many more in the coming months,” according to Meta, the app’s founders. reported a blog post by WhatsApp in which it said that the function was being tested in Brazil. The new function has been made available to WhatsApp users in Brazil. According to WhatsApp, the new feature will revolutionize how both individuals and small companies operate.


Features of the WhatsApp Payment Feature

  1. Users of WhatsApp and small businesses can buy and sell on WhatsApp. Thus, WhatsApp may be introducing a full e-commerce function in the near future globally.
  2. Users will not need to open a new app or visit a website to make payments for goods and services.
  3. Users of the feature can add a cart on the app and use just a tap to make a payment.
  4. The WhatsApp Business App will require that users link to a supported payment partners
  5. They can also create orders right in the WhatsApp app to securely accept payments from their customers.
  6. The feature is only available to WhatsApp Business app users.

The availability of this capability to users and the potential for users to finally unlock this power have delighted Meta, according to Meta.

Due to the encrypted storage of customer-linked card details, the new WhatsApp Payment Feature will be safe.

Users will once again need to generate a Payment PIN that they may use to process payments.

Additionally, customer help will be offered to handle client grievances.

In a blog post unveiling the function, WhatsApp said: “We’re excited to hear how this service helps people and small businesses in Brazil connect on WhatsApp, and look forward to bringing it to more types of businesses and countries in the future.”

WhatsApp now allows payments for small businesses, and it will soon be available in additional nations worldwide.

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