A Word To The Opposition

I am compelled to declare that the Nigerian opposition, as represented by Atiku Abubakar’s supporters (Atikulators) and Peter Obi’s supporters (Obidients), has lost all sense of reason in light of the events of the last few days.

Before it’s too late, they must regain control. They are striving to begin something that they are unable to complete and cannot possibly see having an ending.

They are engaged in a degree of reckless and very hazardous behavior that has NEVER been seen before in the annals of our politics’ history while playing the war drums.

Things are heating up and they are driving us toward an Armageddon-like meltdown and the road to Kigali as a result of their underground machinations, byzantine conspiracies, insane vituperations, and unfettered desperation.

Rest assured that if it weren’t for our intelligence agencies, especially the DSS, who have worked day and night to maintain the peace and prevent us from tearing each other apart, we would have taken that despicable path and met a bitter end long ago. They were impartial, fiercely determined, persistent in their interventions, and simply professional.

The signs are not good, and it is obvious that our country will soon find itself in a catastrophic and mammoth battle between the forces of light and darkness, the likes of which have never been seen before, unless they show restraint, reflect sober, and alter direction swiftly.

Permit me to give them and others who are feeding their intolerable and rabid arrogance, stubbornness, and belligerence from behind the scenes some free and unsolicited advise.

The following is that advise.

You must learn to value both peace and unity since both are essential for growth and success.

You do not necessarily lose forever just because you lost today.

I advise you to maintain your composure, abstain from displaying madness, sheath your sword of war, put your evil scheme and covert agenda to create an interim administration on hold, bend the knee and bow to your president-elect, refrain from using false information as a weapon, follow the law, and, if necessary, voice your objections in private amid calm and peace, and there won’t be any issues.

If you must appear in court, do it with respect, decency, and decorum. I can tell you that regardless of the result, there will be no problems.

It is the fundamental tenet of democracy and the rule of law. You have both wins and losses.

It is the attitude and temperament that you should nurture, exhibit, foster, and reflect: one that is logical, sensible, and responsible. The way to peace lies along there.

You are inviting chaos, anarchy, violence, tyranny, fascism, treason, a violation of the constitution, and the rule of the jungle if you continue to say that you do not believe in the system or institutions, that the President-elect must not be sworn in under any circumstances, that you have no faith in the courts or the rule of law, and that you encourage people to take the law into their own hands. We WILL NOT stand by and do nothing.

All hell will break out if you continue to instigate, intimidate, threaten, provoke, destabilize, undermine, and overheat the polity while breaking the norms of engagement.

Our only “crime” was winning an election, but since you can’t take losing, you want to burn the whole house down and all the people inside.

This should act as a sensible warning. We won’t continue to be the target of the opposition’s abuse forever; we must eventually respond.

Please believe me when I say that we will render this country incapable of being governed if there is any foul play involved or a plot to subvert the will of the people.

There can be no more deceit, deception, games, or nefarious tactics. Throughout the last 63 years of the existence of our country, we have seen enough of it.

Do not put us to the test or undervalue our unwavering dedication.

Unlike the opposition, we speak for the calm and quiet majority and transcend all racial, ethnic, and religious boundaries. We don’t simply represent one religion or one ethnicity.

We stand for all religions and all tribes, and we have supporters all around this nation. We represent the hope and promise of a brighter future for our country, one that is wrapped in glory, harmony, peace, power, and prosperity.

There are millions of us in this nation, and when we say we will uphold and protect Bola Tinubu’s mandate, we really mean it.

We are not making jokes or having fun. We have the tools to accomplish it, we have planned for it, and WE WILL DO IT.

In the name of God, I beg you not to misinterpret our comparatively calm demeanor, magnanimity, and effort to reach out in peace as signs of weakness, foolishness, fear, or guilt.

Please refrain from “crying mayhem and letting the hounds of war free.”

I advise you to “wake our sleeping weapon softly” with caution.

The final verdict is as follows. If you invalidate Asiwaju’s election, we’ll invalidate your mind. We’re back in the trenches now.

Those who start a fire will be burned up by it. The spirit of battle will destroy those who summon it.

Our democracy will suffocate those who want to truncate it. And those who look for peace, harmony, justice, development, and fair play will find it.

The conversation is over. That has God’s blessing.

You will need to murder each and every one of us and be prepared to fight for the next 20 to 30 years in a large regional battle if you want to steal our mandate.

No one in their right mind wants war, thus this is NOT our prayer.

But if it’s required of us by those who are hell-bent on robbing us, suppressing us, enslaving us, cheating us, and making us the pawns and vassals of their vain and obsessive delusions, their wicked, vicious, and relentless disposition of tyranny, and their unbridled and insatiable lust for power, we won’t run away from it.

Democracy, fair play, truth, the rule of law, righteousness, and justice are among the things that are worthy of fighting for and, if necessary, dying for.

Let it soak in, and peace shall rule. For the wise, one word is sufficient.

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  1. Festus Keyamo…lolllll….we all know who the main mandate is…..and yeye just dey smell….May 29th is by the corner sha….let us hope your iwn yansh is not going to be opened in the public.

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