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Abia APC Has Lost Strong Pillar In Nwosu – Emenike

High Chief Ikechi Emenike, an All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for governor of Abia State, bemoaned Wednesday that the party had lost a solid pillar with the passing of Barr F.N. Nwosu, who served as the party’s national welfare secretary.

On responding to Nwosu’s passing, which came just nine days before the end of the 2023 general election, Emenike said in Umuahia that he had not yet come to grips with the unexpected loss.

Nwosu was “a very loyal ally, valued friend, and a forthright politician not prone to equivocation,” the party head said, calling his passing “a personal loss.”

Emenike went on to say that Abia “had lost a magnificent son who lived, aspired, toiled, and struggled for the advancement of God’s own state,” adding that he has been in a somber mood since learning the tragic news.

“Chief Nwosu was in the forefront of the ongoing efforts of the APC to rescue and develop Abia (RADA) and was among the crop of Abians with real concern about the rot in Abia.”

In order to honor Nwosu’s immortal legacy and provide fulfillment to those who shared his vision for a better Abia, he promised that everything Nwosu stood for and battled for will finally come to pass.

The leading candidate for the opposition’s governorship expressed sympathy to Nwosu’s family and asked them to endure the tragic loss with fortitude.

Pastor Chibuzo Nwosu, the politician’s son, revealed the sad news of his father’s passing in a statement he made on the family’s behalf. He claimed his father passed away on Thursday following a short illness.

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