According to the permanent secretary, learning Environments must be Supportive.

As part of its attempts to improve the state’s educational system, the Lagos State Government has emphasized the importance of creating an environment that is conducive to teaching.

This information was revealed in a statement made accessible to journalists on Wednesday by Mrs. Anike Adekanye, the Permanent Secretary of Education District II.

Adekanye emphasized the importance of education in fostering closer cultural ties between black Americans and Africans during a ceremony held in Lagos to welcome a group of African culture experts from South Carolina, United States.

I admire Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-deliberate Olu’s efforts to promote the rich culture of Lagos State, the woman stated. Lagos is fortunate to have a governor and leaders in the education field that constantly support and foster an environment that is favorable for teaching.

The team of Education District II will make sure there are worthwhile and obvious results for all the resources being committed to the education sector under the current administration. “This visit by the US delegates is an affirmation that the governor is working and it is visible for all to see,” the team said.

Gloria Boutle, who was in charge of the trip, said that the significance of the Yoruba language and its cultural practices in general among

Gloria Boutle, the delegation’s leader, noted that the importance given to the Yoruba language and its cultural traditions in general among black Americans was the reason for the visit.

I am especially happy that this visit espoused the uniqueness of the Yoruba language, greetings, dance, occupations, lifestyle, traditions, and other areas that are typically looked down upon by foreigners. “There is a bond between the black African/Americans and the people of Nigeria in terms of their cultural heritage, especially the Yoruba race,” she said.

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