Amaka sobs after their first significant altercation on BBNaija 2022 with Phyna.

Amaka and Phyna, housemates on Big Brother Naija’s “Level Up,” have had their first significant argument thus far in season seven.

On Monday night, the two housemates spent the entire time verbally attacking one another.

Amaka and Phyna were originally spotted enjoying what appeared to be a pleasant chat before they abruptly started shouting at each other while the bulk of the season 7 “first house” was asleep.

Amaka “sounded like someone who wants to play mind games with everyone,” said Phyna.

She claimed that throughout their conversation, Amaka kept bringing up the other house, where the other 13 housemates are imprisoned, and threatened to enter the strongest room to learn what was going through their minds.

Phyna was enraged by Amaka’s “mindgame” and questioned what she (Amaka) intended to accomplish with knowing what the other roommates were thinking.

The housemates, who have been friends since moving into the Level Up house, got into a quarrel as a result of this. Amaka overheard Phyna calling her “A giant moron,” “manipulative,” and “senseless.”

Amaka worries that Phyna believes she understands too much about social media followers on her own.

The Anambra-born roommate began to sob uncontrollably as Bryan comforted her.

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