Anthony Joshua Receives a “60/40 Split” Offer from Tyson Fury

According to Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua has received a formal offer from him that includes a 60/40 purse split in exchange for a direct opportunity at the WBC heavyweight world championship this year.

By challenging Joshua to a Battle of Britain in December, WBC heavyweight champion Fury gave Joshua a shocking world championship lifeline on Monday.

Subsequently Joshua has since made a public acceptance of the offer, Fury’s agent Frank Warren has been contacted by Eddie Hearn to discuss the possibility of a match-up.

I’m being flooded with questions about how much I’m going to pay AJ,’ Fury said on Twitter, confirming his offer of a 60/40 split purse.

“Everyone is claiming 80/20, 70/30, and 75/25; nevertheless, the real response is that I gave him a 60/40 split.” 40% of this fantastic struggle will go place because I want it to.

He can no longer use the argument that I undervalued him by giving him 20% or 30% as a justification not to accept it.

“Take it or leave it, let us know,” I said while offering the folks 40%.

A hefty offer given that Fury’s most recent matchup with Dillian Whyte had an 80/20 purse split, demonstrating how eager the WBC champion is to get the match.

Hearn and Warren both expressed their opinions on TalkSport earlier today, and now he has followed suit.

The terms we will provide, according to Warren, are very, very fair. In terms of fairness, Tyson excels.

He made them in reaction to Matchroom Boxing president Eddie Hearn’s declaration that he had begun negotiations with Warren over a prospective heavyweight showdown contest.

Hearn said to George Warren, “Get the information over to us, get the offer over to us,” yesterday night. I’ll give it to AJ; he’s all set to go.

We weren’t expecting this chance, but it’s a tremendous chance to compete in the greatest boxing match in history for the world heavyweight championship.

“And we will certainly take a look at it.”

After negotiating to a two bout agreement in March 2020, Fury and Joshua were scheduled to meet last year.

The undisputed fight, however, was ruined when Deontay Wilder prevailed in his arbitration for a trilogy fight with Tyson Fury.

Hearn, who recently challenged Usyk and Derek Chisora, is still dubious about the commitment of the “Gypsy King” to the battle.

“I’d want to be very enthused about this because I believe it’s the fight I get stopped for on the street more than any other fight that could be produced.”

AJ has been looking forward to this bout for a while. Don’t forget that we signed up for this matchup a year ago, before Tyson Fury had to face Deontay Wilder due to court arbitration.

It’s an intriguing one since he retired last week, said he would only return to fight Usyk, offered Derek Chisora $500 million, demanded $500 million, retired again, said he would fight Usyk in December, and is now facing AJ.

“AJ’s message is quite clear: we don’t want to engage in back-and-forth, we want the fight.”

Oleksandr Usyk has defeated Joshua twice in a row, most recently in Saudi Arabia last month.

However, the Watford-born boxer is eager to risk his career by hurriedly returning to the ring to battle British rival Fury.

It’s the match he has always desired, according to Hearn.

“We had intentions to return in December and then go again in March, get active, get the rhythm back, and then attempt to compete for the world heavyweight championship,” said the team following Usyk’s loss.

But after speaking with AJ, I am aware—as you saw in his message—that if a fight breaks out and it is taken seriously, which I have my concerns about.

But listen, let’s trust Tyson Fury in the sake of making it happen.

‘This is easy fight to make normal champion to challenger privileges, & I’m 100% serious,’ Fury tweeted in response to Hearn’s remarks.

“Let’s go, UK.”

The only possible location for a midwinter spectacular is Cardiff’s Principality Stadium with its retractable roof, unless the wealthy Middle Eastern governments come up with another mega-money offer.

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  1. According to Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua has received a formal offer from him that includes a 60/40 purse split in exchange for a direct opportunity at the WBC heavyweight world championship this year.
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