Dog that spent 1,250 days in the shelter “howls” in happiness when he hears he has been aadopted.

After two and a half years, no offer to adopt him was made.

The early years of Bowie’s life were spent in the Gateway Pet Guardian shelter in St. Louis. When he was a puppy, he was adopted, but a few months later, he was given back.

The puppy stayed there for months, hoping that someone else would give it a chance. The dog is adored by the shelter employees and is given excellent care. They were yet aware that Bowie actually needed a permanent home.

In the end, the animal shelter placed him with a foster family so he could at least rediscover what it was like to be a pet.

He is a wonderful dog that is very well-trained and just needs someone to give him a chance, according to Brittany Fleming, Gateway Pet Guardians site manager, who spoke to WKYC News.

Even the puppy’s “friend” agreed to pay the adoption costs. There isn’t a receiver, however.

Finally, the shelter determined Bowie needed its own public relations effort.

Fleming said KMOV, “We need assistance from the public to help locate a home for this man. Bowie has a sizable following in the form of several fan organizations, so whomever adopts him will acquire a ton of new pals.

Bowie swam into apps when the shelter’s social media followers were moved by his tale. Bowie’s ideal home had to be chosen among 40 adoption proposals that the shelter had to filter through.

The shelter invited a lady called Briana to meet Bowie a few weeks ago in the hopes that they might click. The social worker’s roommate trains dogs, and neither she nor her pets have kids.

“We believe it’s absolutely suited for a sensitive boy like Bowie, who sometimes just needs a little more time to warm up to people,” the rescue team told 5 On Your Side.

Bowie moved into his new house at the end of August, and upon his arrival, it seemed as if he had at last found his family.

The shelter posted a video of Bowie yelling in delight as he and his new mother walked out.

You’re going to adopt, are you ready? a worker asks in the video.

Yes, he is ready, I see. Bowie stayed in foster care for 1,250 days. Bowie gave a resounding roar in response and waved his tail.

Bowie was eager to view his new works even though Mother was retaining his possessions and signing the last legal documents.

Bowie and his new owner got four complimentary in-home training sessions, as well as a professional picture shoot, all thanks to “one of his admirers,” according to WKYC.

The shelter reported that it had heard that Bowie was doing well in his new residence:

According to a few posts on the #adoptedlife hashtag, Bowie’s new mother has indulged him beyond belief. She is incredible! Greetings, BoBo. You deserve this. their Facebook post.

Bowie has definitely been adored and we are so happy that he has found such a beautiful place to call home. What a wonderful conclusion for everyone.

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