Easy Ways to Make Money On Jumia Make up to 1million

Jumia is a major e-commerce company that operates in various African nations. If you’re wanting to earn money on Jumia, here are several straightforward methods you may do so:

  1. Sell Products: You may earn money on Jumia by selling things. You may offer your own items, or you can become a reseller by buying products from other vendors and selling them on Jumia.
  2. Affiliate Marketing: Jumia provides an affiliate program that enables you to earn money by marketing Jumia items on your website or social media platforms. You may earn up to 13% commission on each sale made via your affiliate link.

Jumia is a major e-commerce site in Africa that enables users to purchase and sell a broad variety of things online. As an affiliate marketer, you may advertise Jumia’s goods on your website, blog, or social network sites and earn a commission on any purchases made via your unique affiliate link.

To become a Jumia affiliate marketer, you need to join up for the Jumia Affiliate Program and agree to their terms and conditions. After you are accepted, you may access their product catalog and promotional materials to start advertising Jumia items.

Jumia offers its associates a percentage for each sale that is made via their unique affiliate link. The commission rates vary based on the product category and the amount of sales made by the affiliate. Jumia also gives prizes and incentives to its top-performing affiliates.

To be successful as a Jumia affiliate marketer, you need to have a significant following or audience that are interested in the things that Jumia sells. You should also be able to develop appealing content that draws traffic to your affiliate link and converts visitors into purchasers.

Join up with Jumia affiliate program

  1. Jumia Express: Jumia Express is a service that enables you to sell things on Jumia without worrying about shipment and delivery. Jumia will manage the shipment and delivery of your items, and you will get your money after the things have been delivered.
  2. Jumia Pay: You may also generate money on Jumia by utilizing Jumia Pay. Jumia Pay is a secure payment gateway that enables you to make payments and receive payments online. You may use Jumia Pay to collect payments from clients if you’re selling things on Jumia.
  3. Jumia Jobs: Jumia also provides a job platform where you can discover part-time or full-time employment that you can perform from home. You may browse through the job postings on Jumia Jobs and apply for the ones that you’re interested in.
  4. Independent Sales Consultant ; Jumia Nigeria’s sales consultant program is a profitable chance to make large. Signup and establish your sales team to promote Jumia’s items and earn commissions on each sale, up to ₦1,000,000 per month with hard effort.
  5. When you join up, you’ll be able to sell a large choice of Jumia items to your network. You may teach your sales crew to perform a better job of advertising your items.

As an independent sales consultant, you may choose whether to work part-time or full-time, based on your objectives and availability.

To generate the maximum money, you need to create a strong network of clients and sales consultants. You may advertise Jumia’s items by leveraging the people you already know, social media, and events.

Jumia gives training and guidance to make sure that the program is a success. You’ll have training sessions once a week, and a specialized staff will support you through the full process.

Overall, Jumia’s program is a terrific opportunity to make a lot of money while expanding your network and learning how to be an entrepreneur. Click here to find out more and start your own company.

SIGN UP TO BE Jumia Nigeria’s sales consultant HERE

7. Sell your Items on JUMIA

You may effortlessly sell your products and services on Jumia Nigeria. All you have to do is list your authentic items on the marketplace.

Visit the link to join up as a seller on Jumia, fill out the form, and submit your items to start selling. If you need support, contact 0700 6000 000 to speak to the Partner Support staff at Jumia.

Selling on Jumia is a terrific method to reach a huge number of people and earn more money. With Jumia, you can sell your things online without having to bother about establishing your own website or shop.

Jumia allows vendors a venue to show off their items and interact with millions of interested clients. You can build your company and generate more money by taking use of Jumia’s enormous client base.

In the end, selling on Jumia Nigeria is a terrific method to reach more people and earn more money. Join up now and start selling your things to a huge number of customers right immediately.

You may register using this link to be a merchant on Jumia

Overall, Jumia provides various alternatives for consumers to generate money online. Whether you’re interested in selling things, marketing products as an affiliate, or finding a job on the site, Jumia is a terrific place to start.

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