Emeruwa dispels concerns on NFF Presidency eligibility

Dr. Christian Emeruwa, the director of safety and security for the Confederation of African Football (CAF), has said that he is qualified to serve as the leader of the nation’s football organisation.

Speaking about his eligibility for the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) presidency in Lagos yesterday, Emeruwa said that the NFF Electoral Act’s provisions allowed him to run, despite unfounded claims by others eyeing the leadership of Sunday Dankaro house that the seasoned sports administrator was ineligible.

Emeruwa said that he was more than capable of running for office and that the election would be

Given that his vision and plan will be in line with global best practises, Nigerian football would undergo “a turnaround period.”

Emeruwa cited the NFF Electoral Act when she said, among other things, that “for the election of the President, two-thirds of the votes recorded as legitimate should be essential in the first ballot.” If there are more than two candidates, an absolute majority of recorded votes (50 percent or more) is required on the second ballot or any additional necessary ballot.

Candidates for the position of NFF President may only be proposed by NFF members. At least two months before the date of the General Assembly, members must write to the general secretariat to announce their choice for NFF president.

The laws do not declare that only members may be president; rather, they state that only members may suggest candidates for the office. Leagues, state associations, coaching organisations, referee associations, and player unions are among the members.

Because my state football organisation is a member of the Nigeria Football Federation, I am from the Abia state, and my state football association has requested that I run for office.

“Let no one mislead us; it is evident from the statutes how the candidates for President should be put out. The laws never stated that you had to be a member, and when you read the electoral rules, you find that: “Eligibility; the person shall be to contest election into the executive committee if; 1: he is a citizen of Nigeria in accordance with the provision Subsection 39 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,” asking why he wasn’t a citizen of Nigeria.

If elected, he pledged that his administration would have “zero tolerance for corruption” and would “want to remodel the existing foundation of Nigerian football and build a new foundation whose pillars will be enshrined on administrative competence, credibility, transparence, accountability, and above all, integrity.”

“My plan and ambition is to restore the NFF as a world-class, creative organisation, encouraging the whole country and every child and girl to be part of the Nigerian football family,” he said.

Former Nigerian football secretary general Dr. Bolaji Ojo-Oba was there for Emeruwa’s declaration in Lagos and praised him for being qualified for the prestigious job.

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