EPL: Chadwick’s candid admission about Ronaldo at Man Utd is upsetting.

Luke Chadwick, a former star for Manchester United, has acknowledged that he was taken aback by Cristiano Ronaldo’s decision to desire to leave the team this summer.

In addition, Chadwick suggested that Ronaldo’s departure from Manchester United would be the ideal opportunity for Erik ten Hag, the team’s new manager, to implement his management style.

Ronaldo had previously informed the team that he intended to depart this summer due to worries that Man United wouldn’t be a serious contender for big titles the following year.

Chadwick, however, finds it unfortunate that the captain of Portugal wants to participate in the Champions League.

To be honest, I was shocked. In a club that performed terribly last season, he had a good season. I kind of figured that at his age, he would want to wrap up his career at United. So when the news came out, I was stunned, and it obviously wasn’t good timing,” Chadwick said to Caught Offside.

With the start of preseason under the new manager and the arrival of the new acquisition Tyrell Malacia, he said, “There’s a bit more positivity around the club, but now this has sort of cast a shadow over it all.

I understand why he would want to play in the Champions League, but it’s still upsetting. Perhaps it arrived at the right time. Ten Hag will want to add his own personality to the group, and perhaps this is an opportunity to do so. Ronaldo is undoubtedly a legend of the game, but it could be time for him to go so that Ten Hag can implement his own philosophies.

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