Fans cheer for Selena Gomez and Rema’s kiss.

The famous American singer Selena Gomez attended Rema’s show in Los Angeles, which he hosted as part of his current North American tour.

Highlights from the program include images of the singer from the United States kissing Rema on the face.

Late on Monday night, Rema shared the video on his Twitter page and professed his love for Gomez, saying that Los Angeles “gave me butterflies.”

LA gave me butterflies, I love you @selenagomez, and big ups to my brother @6LACK for being honest with me, Rema stated in a tweet.

However, the kissing sequences thrilled viewers who responded on Twitter.

Not Selena Gomez attending Rema’s event in the USA, a fan tweeted @Lowie Gold1. Rema will ascend to the position of Prince Celeb. Young Prince, do what you want. Your family history will grow.

Selena Gomez kissed Rema twice and attended Rema’s performance in Los Angeles, according to another admirer, @Heisjamil. This garbage, please, has levels. I’m not OK.

“How did he go from being a regular boy to being kissed all over by Selena Gomez?” Rema wondered. “I know Rema is going to sit down and think about this.” pondered @jeremyb___.

“See the way Selena Gomez held Rema as if he stole her stuff,” tweeted @ThisisEazee.

“That video of Selena Gomez and Rema is really adorable,” said @Menogetshishi_. No matter how much they kiss me, I don’t blush.

@dreamcumthruu wrote in anticipation of a romance between the two, “Rema and Selena Gomez should better give us that relationship joint. I don’t want to be aware of the process. All I want to do is view them as a unit. I quickly gave the #Rese #Sere ship my approval.

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