Fr Mbaka Close Adoration Ministry aftermath of ban Catholic church

The Adoration Ministry was shut down on Saturday by Rev.Fr Ejike Mbaka, an Enugu Catholic Priest

The Catholic Diocese of Enugu had previously barred it’s member from attending “all religious and liturgical activities” at Rev Fr. Mbaka Adoration Ministry

The priest chronic violation to canonical norms, according to the Diocese was cause.

Callistus Onaga, the Catholic Bishop of Enugu started in a statement that Mbaka had repeated broken the church’s regulations and that the church would no longer tolerate his actions

This came after Father Mbaka declared that Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra State and Labour Party presidential candidate, was a stingy Man Who never before president

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  1. They should leave him alone. He is not acting in the flesh rather as directed by the Spirit he serves. If they are looking for whom to blame, they should meet the spirit that spoke out those words through him and not him in person.

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