Fraudsters and hackers are in serious trouble as WhatsApp adds three new security features.

Users of WhatsApp may now relax since the messaging service has added three (3) New WhatsApp Security Measures, putting scammers and hackers who utilize the platform in significant danger.

Users will feel safer and more comfortable in the WhatApping community as a result of this.

The days of fraudsters and hackers getting away with it are gone thanks to WhatsApp’s new security measures, which will undoubtedly help curb all forms of fraud and illegal usage of the messaging service.

Three (3) New Security Features for WhatsApp
Account Protect, Device Verification, and Automatic Security Codes have all been added to Meta’s WhatsApp in an effort to make it more secure and safe.

New Security Features Are Launched By WhatsApp

Account Protect: If you are changing your WhatsApp phone number or transferring the number to a new device, the app will request that you confirm your current number in order to prevent hackers and fraudsters from accessing your account for their illicit activities. One of the newly incorporated security features is this one. In the event that the account is attempted to be moved, it will alert the app’s legitimate owner. Users should carefully examine any warnings or prompts to avoid hastily approving access to their accounts.

“Your privacy is still our top concern. We’re introducing security features that provide you extra levels of privacy protection and message management in order to better safeguard our users. To view the most recent modifications to account defense, check below.
“As usual, end-to-end encryption protects your private communications, but two-step verification offers an additional level of security.”
WhatsApp published a tweet.

Device Verification: You are not required to participate in the app setup checks. This enables continuous usage even if your device is compromised. This serves as protection against malware that might use your phone without your permission. Also, this will prevent any unauthorized WhatsAp message transmission attempts.

Automatic Security Codes: Our security code function allows customers who are concerned about security to manually check users. To improve usability, WhatsApp has incorporated a security feature based on “Key Transparency.” The “Encrypt” tab option immediately confirms secure connections when you click on it. Your private words are kept private as a result. WhatsApp also advises using end-to-end encryption and two-step authentication for further protection.

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