How Basketmouth and I fell out over N30k – AY.

How Basketmouth and I fell out over N30k – Ayo Makun, an actor and comedian in AYNollywood, has explained how the conflict between him and his coworker Bright Okpocha, nicknamed Basketmouth, began.

In an interview with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the father of two spoke about the long-standing estrangement and described how it began.

He claims that when he first entered the comedy industry, Basketmouth connected him with opportunities to perform at events.

AY said that there was a specific event he went to, but the planners had anticipated Basketmouth’s attendance.

The comic said he wasn’t paid and that he had to contact Basketmouth, who informed him that the organizers hadn’t.

AY said that when he called the event’s organizers, he was astounded to learn that payment had already been made.

“Normally, we get 30,000 at that time. At the time, 30,000 was everything to me, AY recalled.

“N30,000 would get me a bag of noodles, some reloadable cards, and generator fuel.

“I was able to hire simply one or two individuals to perform with me in one or two skits that I could easily release.

The folks weren’t really pleased to see me when I started this job since they were expecting a Basketmouth.

“To cut a long tale short, the man was pleased with the performance. Contact was made and returned. I then departed.

I went two weeks without seeing 30,000. I wasn’t able to view the 30,000, therefore I went hungry at Iponri.

“I made the decision to want 30,000, but he claimed that individual hasn’t paid. They weren’t pleased, he said.

A argument, according to AY, started after he shared a photo of his discussions with both parties.

The episode, he said, produced a breach between him and Basketmouth even though they weren’t at conflict at the time.

It was amusing to learn from them that the whole amount had already been done in advance of the event, AY stated.

Basketmouth said that he split with AY in August 2021 because the comedian played with his allegiance.

In 2022, AY claimed that Basketmouth had a superiority issue during a discussion with followers on Instagram.

After being seen avoiding one another in public last year, the couple said they were not on speaking terms.

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  1. Things like these are likely to happen when there’s no mutual understanding and respect between two friends or mTes or colleagues.
    They should just sort themselves out.

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