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It’s not tough for actresses to find love Chidiebere Aneke


I’m an Enugu State native. I have three sisters and two brothers. We are believers. My mother is still living, but my father has passed away.


I studied business administration and management at the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu State. After that, I traveled to America to attend the New York Film Academy.

I had previously gone to Hope Bay Girls Secondary School in Enugu State. I attended Achara Layout Primary School first, which is located in Enugu.

In the Bible school run by Living Faith Church, I also attended introductory and leadership courses.


My twin sister Chidimma and I began performing at church. Then, our older sister already worked in the field. Yet anytime we saw well-known actresses like Patience Ozokwor, Genevieve Nnaji, and Chiege Alisigwe, we were often motivated to emulate them.

When my older sister brought Chidimma and I to a site for a movie one day, the filmmakers decided to include us in the cast. That was how we began our careers in film. We were motivated by our passion of the craft.


When I first entered the profession, there weren’t many obstacles for me to overcome. I recall that my mother insisted that we should finish school before performing. We had to “hustle” for positions during auditions after school let out.

We sometimes stayed there from dawn to night and returned the next day. Yet, there is no assurance that we will be offered the desired positions.


While I dislike bragging, God has been incredibly dependable. I’m not where I was before; this is where I am.


Throughout the years, Chidimma and I have won several honors for our work. The Enugu Achievers Award for Best Group Actress of the Year in 2020 is one of the honors. The Enugu Icons Award for Best Pair of the Year was also given to us.

We also engage in humanitarian activity. In the southeast of the nation, we won the Accolade Pace Humanitarian Award in 2018.


The things that have gotten me this far are God and hard work.


I didn’t intentionally pursue the same job route as my twin sister. She studied mass communication, whereas I read business administration. She and I both like acting. We just noticed that we were acting similarly.


Throughout the years, I’ve had terrific and beautiful experiences. I’m still learning, and it hasn’t been simple. Yet I give God all the glory.

Sexual assault

Several individuals claim on the internet that movie producers demanded sex from them before giving them parts in their films. Nobody has, however, directly come to me to report such an incidence.

I would suggest that those who claim that producers approach them for sex cease visiting the producers’ rooms when they have nothing else to do there. These actresses shouldn’t enter via the back door while there are casting calls.


Anything is possible in Nigeria. All my sister and I did when we first began acting was go to auditions together. To put roles together, we put a lot of effort. I’ve never liked those who climb up the social ladder. It is always advisable to follow the proper procedure.


The stereotype that it is difficult for actresses to find real love is untrue; in fact, some men want to be with them because of their success and fortune. Nobody who says that is telling the truth. When a woman crosses the path of the perfect guy for her, everything will fall into place since love is a wonderful thing.


I have never had a relationship breakdown as a result of my line of work.


Never have I felt pressured to have a family. I’ve never heard of women being pressured to have children even while they are not married. In any case, it depends on who one hangs out with.

a dreamer

I want my spouse to be honest and have a healthy conscience. A person won’t abuse their relationships if they have a clean conscience.
Throughout the years, I’ve been in quite a few films as an actor. Now, I can’t recall the titles.


The Man and Two Rats, which starred Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, was the film that helped me enter into the business.


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On set, I had a number of uncomfortable situations, although I can’t remember them all right now.


The affection of those around me, notably my family, and the grace of God are what sustain me.


The lessons I’ve already learned emphasize the value of humility and personal growth. I’ve also learned to be modest and avoid being haughty since arrogance comes before a fall.

I’ve also learned to always work on myself and quit depending on the approval of others. It is crucial to put an emphasis on personal growth.

I’ve also come to understand how crucial planning is. I firmly think that without a strong strategy to support it, no business can prosper. Planning is essential for everything, including acting and business. One will then be able to see their objectives clearly.


I advise aspiring professionals in the field to be clear about their goals before entering the field. They shouldn’t just enter the field because others are.

They should also have humility and show respect for others.


The elimination of piracy, more government backing for the business, and solidarity among creatives are the things I would want to see.


I once had to break down in tears at a certain moment in a movie. My identical sister started weeping once she saw me crying. Shattered Ambition is the name of the film, which also starred Patience Ozokwor.
Patience Ozokwor, Joke Silva, Genevieve Nnaji, and Liz Benson are a some of my strongest supporters.
Fashion I like bags and shoes. You need the other to make one happen.
I watch movies, eat fruits, and work out to unwind.

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  1. This is good advice to the upcoming actresses out there to keep themselves pure so that they will be hardworking and not allow the producers to use them.

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