Kaduna criticizes women’s poor business loan repayment rates

The Kaduna State Government claims that since the state Women Empowerment Fund was established in 2019, it has given out over N600 million to women entrepreneurs to help them grow their enterprises.
Hajiya Hafsat Mohammed-Baba, the state’s commissioner for human services and social development, who revealed this, lamented the loan’s poor beneficiary recovery rate.

She advised loan recipients to pay back their debts quickly so that others might also take advantage of the kind offer.
The N600 million empowerment loans, in her opinion, shouldn’t be seen as “a national cake.”

“We have provided N200m in three circles already, which means we have already spent like N600m and still have 400 million to distribute, and that is in our budget,” she added.

“We anticipate that the cycle will be complete by 2023 or 2024 when more women get access to the remaining loan.

In order to avoid the accusation of vote buying and ensure that the next government would continue it, we purposefully skipped 2022.

The problem is that if you choose not to pay, no other ladies will be able to get the same loan.

These religious organizations benefit a lot of women. Please urge your members to pay back, we beg you.

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    1. The purpose of debt is to help you in your business or whatever u want to do..and th reason why u pay back is just so that other people can also be granted help too…..just like you.

      1. Although the economic situation as been really bad ….stilll, some people might e doing this intentionally and this is where it is wrong…..please if you actually have the money, pay up.

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