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Lupus: Kemi Afolabi Discusses Rejecting Islam in Order to Find Healing in the Church

Nollywood actress Kemi Afolabi has addressed the claims that she is abandoning Islam in order to seek treatment for her incurable lupus in the church.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Kemi said that since the news of her illness became public, she has heard of various falsehoods and misinformation.

Speaking about a picture of herself that went viral and implied that she went to a church for healing, Kemi refuted the claim, claiming that she is a Muslim and that she has never gone to a church for healing.

The actress claims that the photos becoming viral online do not actually feature her and that everyone should reject them.

The mother of one further stated that she has a direct line of communication with Allah and doesn’t require anyone else to do so.

She stated: “Since the news of my illness went public, I have heard tales of many falsehoods and disinformation being spread. I’ve disregarded since I’m so concerned with my health and wellbeing. I am a devout Muslim who thinks that when we are in trouble, we should pray to God and seek his face. I have done this consistently, and the end will bring us joy.

A image that suggested I had visited Christ Embassy Church for healing circulated online at one point, but I paid it no mind because I didn’t regard going to church or receiving prayers from a pastor as wrongdoings. After all, I think we all serve the same God. After posting a video of myself performing my personal Islamic prayers on Friday, @officialeelahandsome made a very upsetting comment today, speculating as to whether I had just realized that I was a Muslim or where Islam was when I was looking for answers from the Church. I was shocked by how callous people might get in order to gain religious points, which is blasphemy.

“I personally would like to use this means to refute such false narrative, never was there a time when I went to a church for healing, and I ask everyone to dismiss the picture that is going around online of me.”

I can communicate with Allah directly because I have a personal relationship with him. Love, Light, supplication, assistance, and serenity.

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