Boss Mustapha, a lawyer, administrator, and secretary to the Government of the Federation, is honored by Olawale Olaleye.

No one, arguably, can replace the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Gidahyelda Mustapha, for everything he has been doing to assist the government of the day in resolving many of its problems and keeping its commitments.

Along with his very onerous formal duties as the scribe of the federation, Mustapha has since taking office transformed into the Muhammadu Buhari administration’s engine room—a development that was not by his intention.

Mustapha’s entrance into the Buhari government five years ago was timely. At the moment, the president required a stabilizer who could bring the diverse inclinations in the government—and the presidency in particular—together for smooth communication, and this bridge-builder arrived just in time.

What’s even more perplexing is that President Buhari appears to have grasped where and how to deploy the SGF outside of his main issues early in the day, recognizing his ability to hold his own and execute on all missions – from the simplest to the most complex.

Many in the government look up to Mustapha because he has served as the administration’s rock while also performing the duties of various other positions, including those of an unofficial adviser on important matters of national security and the many internal conflicts within the government.

What’s more interesting is how his words of wisdom have influenced party choices and provided direction for action whenever things heat up. It makes sense that following the demise of Abba Kyari, the former Chief of Staff to the President, his involvement in the administration increased.

When a result, in addition to planning the president’s activities and providing advise as needed, he has frequently served as a mediator. This is in addition to his leadership of several ad hoc committees that were formed to handle specific issues. However, Mustapha has never been found deficient in any of these.

The organizations under his supervision and the scope of his duties make it clear that this is not a place for the absurd. These organizations include the Nigeria National Merit Award, National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, Federal Road Safety Corps, Code of Conduct Bureau, National Lottery Trust Fund, and Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission.

Other organizations include the National Agency for the Control of Aids, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission, Niger Delta Development Commission, New Partnership for African Development, National Poverty Eradication Programme, and the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

However, when you take into account his background as a lawyer, in addition to his education, exposure, and experience, it’s not difficult to understand how he has been able to manage his many duties, which include handling issues related to the prerogative of mercy, petitions, and appeals to the President.

Additionally, he is in charge of handling requests for government leaders’ overseas medical care and duty deployments. He plans and oversees the National Honours Awards.

The SGF serves as the primary advisory body to the president’s office and is in charge of overseeing several government organizations under the president’s orders, such as the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD).

His agency guarantees that the government’s policies are consistent by monitoring and coordinating their execution in accordance with the programs of the in power government.

On behalf of the president, Mustapha is the one who assesses the performance of the ministries and Permanent Secretaries. He keeps the ministers’ initialed mandate acceptance letters from the day they took office.

His office also offers support services to administrative tribunals, commissions, and panels of inquiry in addition to acting as the secretariat of the National Council of State, the Federal Executive Council, and other Constitutional Councils that are presided over by the president or the vice president.

Mustapha manages public safety issues equitably, as demonstrated by his coordination of the presidential reaction team during the COVID-19 outbreak.

He undoubtedly represents the president when given the authority to do so and communicates with secretaries of state governments when federal policies need to be carried out at the local level.

When all of these factors are considered, it is clear that Mustapha is highly hands-on, but not everyone is gifted with the capacity to organize government operations and mediate conflict between administration personnel.

He has purposefully avoided issues and adversaries while yet giving his office the necessary attention and protecting his employer and office without pandering to the public. He has performed admirably and proven to be worthy of his position via maturity and experience.

It is thus important to acknowledge the efforts of a patriotic, notable Nigerian, and respectable family man who has continued to give his all in service to his country on the occasion of his 66th birthday today.

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