Nigerian Movie Theaters Made N278 Million in February

Mr. Ope Ajayi, the national chairman of the Cinema Exhibitors Association of Nigeria (CEAN), said that countrywide ticket sales for the month of February were N278 million.

This information was provided by the boss of the CEAN in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos. He also said that the theaters had 122,295 gross admissions during the time period under consideration.

As compared to January’s N819 million in sales, February saw a sharp fall in attendance at theaters.

He attributed the drop in sales to the cash shortage and the poor network service delivery was encountered by POS operators countrywide.

Ajayi said that the week leading up to the presidential and national assembly elections saw an all-time low in movie attendance.

He continued by saying that since movie producers refrained from producing films during the election season, February’s movie offerings at theaters were restricted.

“The decline in sales is the result of a few factors. Due to Nigerians’ attention being directed on voting nationwide during the Presidential and National Assembly elections, we lost a weekend’s worth of sales.

“Cash shortages and POS issues that influence commerce generally also harm movie theaters.

“A lot of film distributors and producers skipped opening new films around election time. Thus, he said, the material was also somewhat constrained.

Ajayi said that “Antman” and “Love in a Plague” were the two most popular movies shown in theaters in the nation in February.

“Creed III,” “What love got to do with it,” “Shazam Fury of the Gods,” “John Wick IV,” “Different Strokes,” and “Dungeons & Dragons 83” were among the movies he mentioned as ones to look out for in March.

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