NPC: Some Nigerians are refusing to be counted in the 2023 census.

Some Nigerians, according to the National Population Commission (NPC), are apprehensive about participating in the census in 2023.

The NPC identified this as one of the difficulties the commission was encountering on Friday in Ebonyi.

Federal Commissioner Darlington Okereke provided an update on the trial population and housing census’s implementation.

The official gave the commission his word that they would get it properly for the major census.

According to Okereke, some of the techniques used included widespread advocacy and the training of officials.

From July 13 to July 15, 90 enumerators and 9 supervisors participated in the trial census, which included house numbering and household listing.

The difficulties, according to Okereke, were the lack of household members who needed to be counted, some people’s open rejection, and inadequate accommodations for functionaries.

He stated, among other things, “We would re-strategize on continual public education and creation of Ebonyi Census Publicity Committee.”

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  1. The word of God said “‘ my people perish because they lack knowledge. So the need more sensitisation for things to work.
    That’s what is seen in the world today. Disagree/Agree until they see good reasons to agree or disagree.

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