Obi rejects claims of tribalism made against the OBIdient movement.

Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s nominee for president, has refuted the assertion that his OBIdient movement was established on the basis of race and religion.

Social media users have criticized the initiative for supposedly encouraging racial and religious politics in the nation.

Supporters of Obi were also criticized for being impolite and intolerant to other people’s viewpoints.

While responding to the accusations on his Twitter account on Sunday, the former governor of Anambra State rejected the idea that the movement was started with an Igbo purpose.

OBIdients, in his words, are the arrowheads in the effort to recover Nigeria.

Every country experiences a turning moment in its history, according to Obi. The moment to preserve Nigeria, save our democracy, and instill optimism in the nation’s young has come for Nigeria. The take-back Nigeria effort has been guided by the OBIdient Movement.

“As a focal point for the movement, I play a key role. Nigeria, as I’ve constantly emphasized, is still a secular state. As a result, the movement is neither about my tribe or my faith, nor is there any attempt to Christianize Nigeria or further Igbo interests.

“My dream for a new Nigeria is one where the offspring of nobody would rise to become someone. A country with national interests as its foundation, rather than regional interests, where all young people from all six geographical zones would have a feeling of ownership over the affairs of their nation.

“No one should attribute the OBIdient Movement with a racial or religious bias. Nigeria is one, and I want to lead a unified and indivisible Nigeria as its president.

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  1. He’s explanation and claim is simple and precise. It’s a movement to take our country back from the hands of corrupt government.

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