Piers Morgan criticizes Manchester United for celebrating after defeating Liverpool in the English Premier League.

Piers Morgan, a renowned British journalist, has penned a harsh assessment of Manchester United’s unexpected 4-0 victory over Liverpool on Tuesday in a friendly match.

If this signifies anything to United fans, he asserted, “then they have truly hit rock bottom.”

Tuesday in Bangkok, Thailand, Erik ten Hag’s first game as manager of the Red Devils, Manchester United defeated Liverpool.

Such a result will be a welcome surprise for Red Devils’ fans after their extremely subpar performance last season, but the TalkTV host thinks they shouldn’t be getting too excited just yet.

Morgan stated on the Drive, “I think if it means anything to United fans then they really have struck rock bottom.

“These contests have no significance other than to maintain players’ fitness levels in time for August.

“Watching Tottenham move ahead of Arsenal eats away at my soul,” said a fan of Liverpool. “Liverpool are lightyears ahead of United and it must eat away at their soul.”

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