PSG not ready to be Champions League winners Ramos

Sergio Ramos, a defender for Paris Saint-Germain, has acknowledged that his team is not ready to win the UEFA Champions League.

The Spanish defender said that the French giants lacked the talent to prevail in the most important club championship in Europe.

After their 3-0 defeat by German powerhouses Bayern Munich in the Round of 16, the Spaniard voiced his displeasure.

I’m really disappointed in both of us. We fell short of what #UCL expected of us. We missed the major goal because we didn’t know how to manage the important details.

“It hurts, but champions are created in hardship and resurrected from failure. We’ll return! Ramos posted on Twitter about his sorrow.

The 36-year-old also had second thoughts about his 2021 departure from Real Madrid, the 14-time Champions League champions. “I started to wonder whether I’d done the right thing by leaving Real Madrid,” he told Marca.

In the UCL loss at the Allianz Arena, Ramos was deemed the Parisians’ most valuable player.

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    1. Ever since their defeat to bayern in the finals, psg have shown that they wanted the champions league cup but they have not shown enough determination for the cup.

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