The first group of TetFund-Morgan postdoctoral fellows has finished their US training.

The first group of postdoctoral fellows supported by TetFund finished their fellowship at MSU, Baltimore.

The 17 students chosen from different academic institutions in Nigeria are now being supervised by Morgan Faculty.

Office of Global Partnerships-Africa Executive Director The scholars were exposed to the arts and sciences of research, grant writing, evidence-based research methodology, access to state-of-the-art laboratories at MSU, engaged in experiential learning, teaching pedagogy, and cultural immersion, according to a statement from Prof. Hakeem Tijani of Morgan State University.

Dr. Racheal Agbonna, the team’s leader, said that “the experience is the most fulfilling in my career; my group is genuinely thankful of the chances and the visionaries,” according to Tijani.

The school is happy to have TetFund as a partner, and Tijani said, “We will always carry out the mission of giving access to the people and government of Nigeria in its drive to increase the skills and ability of its teaching personnel. Dr. Astatke, AVP for International Affairs, advises the fellows to mentor new hires and keep the cooperation going by doing further joint research. They were also cautioned by Dr. Tijani, Executive Director of the Office of Global Partnerships, to keep acting as excellent ambassadors for their organizations and their country.

“As a win-win relationship, Morgan Faculty members Drs. Damoah, Bista, and Rahman continue to collaborate on grants and research with the Research Fellows. According to Dr. Tijani, part of realizing President Wilson’s goal is the concept of mentoring beyond boundaries. In the near future, several MSU faculty members will be funded to spend time in Nigeria as part of the win-win philosophy.

By December, Morgan anticipates having hired 50+ second cohort postdoctoral fellows across a range of fields. A second group of 60 supported PhD students was also accepted and started taking hybrid programs. They are the fourth group of doctorate students at MSU that have been funded by TetFund. We can state that President David Kwabena Wilson’s vision now has a solid basis, and the MSU Transformative Strategic Plan’s aim to make Africa its focal point is moving in the correct manner.

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