This Police K9 Dog Waved Off His Handler in an Emotional Way

love without conditions for his mate. This dog is proof of it!

Jorge Baeza is a dog trainer at the Carabineros dog training facility in Santiago, Chile, and he has experience working with a wide range of canines. He met Jerjes, a very unique dog, in 2013, and the two of them hit it up right away.

In comparison to a trainer and a K9 police dog, their relationship is far stronger!

It was heartbreaking when Baeza was killed in a terrible vehicle accident on her way to see her grandparents on December 16 of this year since they had very real affections for one another. The heart of Jerjes was broken!

Without reluctance, his coworker took the dog to Baeza’s funeral. All of his relatives were affected by the presence of this exceptional dog.

At the funeral for his friend and instructor Jorge Baeza, Jerjes made the decision to go up to the coffin and say something unexpected and heartfelt.

Jerjes struck the same respectful position he had learnt from Baeza, standing on his hind legs with his front feet touching the coffin to bid his instructor his last farewell.

“I feel it is necessary to share this picture, today we bid farewell to the remains of a fellow soldier,” said Eduardo Ortega, who attended the burial and shared this heartbreaking image. “of a dog trainer and his colleagues from Santiago who came to say goodbye to his faithful companion.”

What a faithful dog! We sincerely apologize for your handler’s poor performance. Salutations, Sir!

Watch over him, Heaven, and keep him secure and safe.

PRAYERS for them both. God protect them both.

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