Thomas Tuchel criticizes Chelsea’s stars following their 5–6 loss to Charlotte in the English Premier League.

Thomas Tuchel, the Chelsea manager, criticized his team’s display against Charlotte.

His assessment of their performance was that it was “not good enough,” and he also said that they lacked “precision” and “decision making.”

The Blues were defeated by Charlotte in their second game of their US tour, falling 5-3 on penalties.

Conor Gallagher failed to convert a key penalty kick, handing the Premier League team their first preseason loss.

After 90 minutes, the score was tied 1-1 thanks to a penalty kick from Daniel Rios that negated Chelsea’s first-half goal from Christian Pulisic.

The German manager was particularly disappointed in his team’s performance in the “final 20 meters of the pitch” and bemoaned the lack of zeal and effort on his team’s part.

Tuchel stated, “In general, I’d say we played a good first half, but sadly, just 80 meters of the pitch.

Even in the first half, the final 20 meters of the field were subpar. We had enough of opportunities to speed and break into the box, but in the final 20 meters, we had trouble making quick decisions and being precise.

“This was just unacceptable given the effort and caliber we displayed in the first 80 meters of the field and the available space.

“I think we played a really solid match in all the other elements, but we also have to admit that we let up two great opportunities that came from nowhere in the first half.

“Second half was not good at all. It took us a half-hour to show some quality, and then it was only for maybe 15 minutes.

“Not in terms of offense, structure, effort, or desire to be the team in charge. It was inadequate, he declared.

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