Today’s trip to Rwanda by the Nigerian walking football squad

As part of their training for the Walking Football Nations Cup in Manchester, England, next year, the Nigeria walking football team will travel to Kigali, Rwanda, today for a two-day playing visit.

According to reports, walking football is a slower-paced variation of the beautiful game that was first created to encourage participation in football among adults over 50 and to boost physical activity by reigniting players’ passion for the sport.

The walking football team, which is still in its early stages in Nigeria, will be accompanied on the tour by Godson Uti, the interim chairman of Waka Football in that country. Mazi Amanze Uchegbulam, the chairman of the Imo State Football Association and a candidate for the presidency in the upcoming 2022 NFF Elections, is anticipated to serve as captain for the team’s matches against other nations.

Two of the African nations that will compete in the Walking Football Nations Cup in Manchester in the summer of 2023 are Nigeria and Rwanda, according to Uchegbulam.

We are not taking any chances since we are well prepared for the Nations Cup and travelling to Rwanda would demonstrate our preparation for the task, despite the fact that the squad is made up of seasoned football fans and former players.

The Walking Football World Nations Cup, originally scheduled to take place in Manchester in 2020 but postponed to the summer of 2023, will feature a maximum of 32 teams in two age divisions of over 50s and over 60s under the sponsorship of the Federation of International Walking Football Associations (FIWFA).

In addition to Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, and Morocco, five more African national teams, including Nigeria and Rwanda, have also announced their participation in the Manchester 2023 Walking Football World Nations Cup.

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