About Us

MINIECHATZ is an innovative company run by a group of skilled online affiliate business owners. In order to give its registered members a source of money and work, this group developed the social media platform MINIECHATZ.

The firm has taken it upon itself to create a straightforward yet extremely lucrative method of generating money for everyone in light of the worrying pace of development in the number of people on social media networks who don’t generate money online.

MINIECHATZ was created to address these issues, and through time, we have shown ourselves true to our promise and made our respected members happy.

Our Purpose

To build communities through educating, empowering, and inspiring young people.
Our Core Principles:

Integrity: We behave honestly, righteously, openly, and without compromising the truth; we seek to uphold a high standard of morality in all that we do.

Innovation: We constantly develop fresh, imaginative ideas that may improve lives and transform the planet.

Excellence: We always offer our best effort to the task at hand; with passion and dedication, we put our heart and mind into the work to get the best results.

Safety: We provide and maintain a secure environment for everyone to use.

Teamwork: We appreciate collaboration, utilizing our unique abilities and offering helpful criticism to get everyone on the same page; we work together with individuals and groups to accomplish a goal.

Fairness, objectivity, and respect for one another are values we hold dear; prejudice is not tolerated.

Sacrifice: We accept responsibility and go above and above, putting others before ourselves.

You may learn as much as you want on MINIECHATZ;

  1. Content production
  2. WhatsApp Advertising
  3. Automate WhatsApp
  4. Hack WhatsApp (Contact Gaining for marketing)
  5. Animation in video
  6. Utilize your smartphone to design like a pro.
  7. Cash for Airtime
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