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Are you interested in studying international relations and searching for the top institutions in the UK to do so? Look nowhere else! We’ve prepared a list of the best colleges and universities that provide outstanding international relations programs in this blog article. On our list, there is something for everyone, from prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge to specialist colleges like SOAS University of London. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and let’s explore the fascinating world of UK international relations education!

Oxford University

The University of Oxford is a well-known institution with a reputation for providing unmatched education in subjects like international relations. It has a long history that dates back to the 12th century and has established an excellent reputation for research and academic quality.

One advantage of studying international relations at Oxford is that students have access to instructors who are leaders in their fields and of the highest caliber. These lecturers provide first-hand knowledge gained through dealing with governments and international organizations all across the globe.

Additionally, students may get individualized attention and feedback on their work thanks to Oxford’s innovative tutorial system. This strategy promotes critical thinking abilities and promotes self-directed learning.

Students may also benefit from Oxford’s rich resources, including its libraries, museums, and archives, which provide a wealth of chances for study and inquiry in the field of international relations.

For individuals who want to focus on international relations, attending Oxford University is a fantastic chance.

College of Cambridge

One of the most esteemed universities in the world, the University of Cambridge has a lengthy history that extends back to the 13th century. It has constantly been listed among the best institutions in the UK for disciplines like international relations. International relations undergraduate programs are available via the university’s Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS), which also provides postgraduate research options.

The tutorial system at Cambridge, where students collaborate closely with specific professors or tutors to go through course content and complete tasks, is one of the university’s unique features. This individualized method promotes critical thinking abilities while allowing for a more customised learning experience.

Additionally, the diversity of the student population in Cambridge offers many opportunities for networking and cross-cultural interaction. The city itself is home to several historic sites and tourist hotspots, including punting on the River Cam and King’s College Chapel.

While immersing oneself in British culture and history, studying at the University of Cambridge may provide an unmatched educational experience in international relations.

School of Economics and Political Science in London

One of the best colleges in the UK for studying international relations is the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). With a top-notch faculty and a central location in London, LSE draws students from all over the world.

Interdisciplinary learning is one distinctive feature of studying international relations at LSE. Students may take classes in a variety of fields, including Law, Anthropology, Economics, and History, giving them a well-rounded grasp of international problems.

Along with its rigorous academic program, LSE provides students with many chances to interact with current events via guest lectures and events held by top authorities in their disciplines. The university’s proximity also makes it simple to reach London-based governmental and non-governmental groups.

Students who study international relations at LSE have an unrivaled opportunity for academic advancement and practical experience. It is understandable why so many aspiring diplomats choose this esteemed university for their studies given its illustrious reputation and dedication to excellence.

Durham University

In the UK, Durham University enjoys great acclaim for its outstanding academic standing and beautiful campus. This institution, which is situated in the medieval city of Durham, provides students with a rare fusion of contemporary amenities and historical significance.

Durham University is distinguished for its emphasis on research-driven instruction. This ensures that students get a challenging and current education by placing them in the hands of subject-matter experts who are at the cutting edge of their professions.

The feeling of community that permeates every element of student life at Durham University is another important feature of campus life. You’ll be surrounded by others who share your enthusiasm for learning whether you’re studying in one of the university’s top-notch libraries or living in one of the school’s numerous colleges.

Of course, Durham’s appeal as a university extends beyond its intellectual reputation. There is plenty to see and do in the city itself outside of class hours since it is rich in history and culture. There are always interesting things to do while you’re a student at Durham University, from seeing historical castles to enjoying regional cuisine at markets and restaurants!

London SOAS University

A famous university with a focus on the study of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East is SOAS University of London. It is one of the best colleges to study international relations because of its specific concentration on these areas, which gives students unique insights into global concerns.

The SOAS community is characterized by diversity, with more than 5,000 students studying there from more than 130 different nations. As a result, a lively atmosphere is created for learning and interacting with other viewpoints.

The language instruction programs offered by SOAS are one feature that sets it apart from other colleges. It not only provides instruction in widely used languages like Mandarin and Arabic, but also in less well-known ones like Tagalog and Hausa! When traveling overseas, this enables students to not only study about other cultures but also interact directly with people.

Former UK Prime Minister Clement Attlee and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi are just two of the noteworthy graduates from SOAS who have made major contributions to society.

The SOAS University of London may be the ideal choice for you if you’re seeking for a degree program that emphasizes international relations from a distinctive angle.

London’s King’s College

One of the most esteemed institutions of higher learning in the UK, particularly in the field of international relations, is King’s College London. It boasts a remarkable alumni list that includes Nobel laureates and international leaders, as well as a long history that dates back to 1829.

King’s College, which is in the heart of London, gives students access to some of the greatest tools and possibilities in the subject of international relations. Experts from a variety of backgrounds make up its faculty, and they offer a lot of knowledge to their teaching techniques.

Students at the university have the opportunity to specialize in fields including global governance, conflict resolution, foreign policy analysis, and more via the institution’s undergraduate and graduate courses in international relations.

Students at King’s College London may also become involved in a variety of research projects or join clubs like Model UN, which help them develop their practical abilities while honing their academic knowledge.

Studying at King’s College also entails becoming a part of a lively campus community where many cultures collide, making it simpler for students studying international relations to comprehend difficult ideas via extracurricular activities and initiatives for cultural exchange.

How to choose the right Universities for you

There are a number of things you need to take into account while selecting the ideal institution for studying international relations. Consider what kind of education best meets your requirements and interests. According to your job goals, several colleges may offer more specialized courses than others or take a certain approach.

The university’s location is a further key factor. Do you like a busy metropolis or a more sedate setting? Would you like to be close to important political groups and institutions? All of these considerations are important when selecting a choice.

It’s also important to consider each university’s reputation. Examine their faculty members, peruse evaluations written by students, and look up their rankings on reputable websites like Times Higher Education and QS World University Rankings.

The ideal institution for you will depend in part on your financial situation. Before making any judgments, research the tuition costs, scholarships, and bursaries each institution offers.

Never overlook looking into the extracurricular opportunities offered by each institution. Joining clubs and organizations may improve your overall experience as an international relations student and provide beneficial networking possibilities.

You will be able to choose an institution that precisely satisfies your academic requirements and personal preferences by taking these aspects into consideration!


It might be difficult to choose the top university for international relations in the UK. When choosing among the numerous outstanding alternatives available, it’s crucial to take your tastes and objectives into account. Spend some time extensively researching each institution, if possible visiting the campuses, and speaking with current or former students to learn about their experiences.

Just keep in mind that networking, internships, and extracurricular activities are just as crucial to succeed in international relations as attending a famous college. There will always be possibilities to broaden your knowledge base and create important relationships within the industry, regardless of the college you pick.

For individuals interested in a career in international relations in the UK, the six institutions mentioned above are among the top options. Depending on personal interests and goals, each has its own distinct benefits and capabilities. Whatever school you choose, success is guaranteed by perseverance and hard effort.

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  1. The University of Oxford is a well-known institution with a reputation for providing unmatched education in subjects like international relations. It has a long history that dates back to the 12th century and has established an excellent reputation for research and academic quality.

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