Body of missing two-year-old found in alligator’s mouth after mum’s death

Taylen Mosley, a two-year-old Florida toddler who had been reported missing, was discovered dead on Friday inside the jaws of an alligator.

Following the discovery of his mother Pashun Jeffery, age 20, stabbed to death in her Lincoln Shores residence on Thursday, Taylen Mosley was reported missing.

Two charges of first-degree murder were brought against Mosley’s father—one for the infant and the other for the slashing death of the boy’s mother, Pashun Jeffery, 20.

According to Chief Anthony Holloway of the St. Petersburg Police Department, detectives were looking into Dell Holmes Park when they came across an alligator in Lake Maggiore that had “an object in its mouth.”

Officers shot the alligator to death and compelled it to lower the child’s corpse, though that isn’t how the event actually occurred, they added.

“We didn’t want to discover him this way, but at least now we can give that family some peace. Police Chief Anthony Holloway expressed his regret that things had to come to this.

Taylen’s father, Thomas Mosley, came to the attention of authorities after he admitted himself to a nearby hospital complaining of “cuts to his hands into his arms.”

The police stated that “nothing in our investigation leads us to believe that he is a victim,” but they did not specify whether Jeffery could have suffered the injuries through self-defense.

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