Do not engage in these six activities when on your period.

The most crucial information in this essay is that you should never do these six activities when on your period. These practices have no support from science and need to be avoided.

Here is a list of activities you should avoid when getting your period.

Do not engage in these six activities when on your period.

  1. Eat Moderate Amounts of Salty Food

Particularly during shark week when there is a lot of water retention and bloating, salty foods might make period pains worse. Consuming salty meals will only make this bloating and cramps worse. This is the reason why some individuals have had excruciating cramps after consuming a bowl of fries.

  1. Avoid consuming dairy products.

When Aunt Flo comes to visit, you shouldn’t eat dairy since it might make you feel bloated and agitated. Your hormones are the cause of this, not your tolerance to dairy products. Say goodbye to dairy if you want to prevent irritable bowel syndrome and cramps.

  1. Avoid Unprotected Sexual Contact

As blood is a major transporter of viruses and other microorganisms, it is crucial to wear protection while having period-related sexual activity. As the cervix is somewhat dilated during your period, it is simpler for germs and viruses to go from the cervix to the vajayjay and ultimately to the pelvic. It’s also crucial to remember that having sex without protection is never a smart decision since it puts you at danger for becoming pregnant. Your ovulation and bleeding may occur simultaneously if you have erratic periods.

  1. Avoid staying up late.

We all like sleeping, but when our period starts, our brain becomes resistant to falling asleep. Pulling all-nighters and having little sleep might raise your body’s cortisol levels and negatively impact your menstruation.

  1. Avoid Caffeine Intake

While coffee is a terrific way to start the day, you should avoid drinking it when Aunt Flo is in town. In addition to making you irritable, caffeine may make cramps worse.

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  1. Avoid being waxed

When you’re on your period, waxing hurts because your pain receptors are particularly sensitive, and even a little pinch might make you want to scream. At this stage, don’t even consider waxing your bikini area.

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