LAPO prize goes to four women.

During the LAPO Exceptional Women Leadership Award on Tuesday in Benin, four exceptional women were recognized for their achievements in many spheres of human endeavor.

Helen Mathias, the proprietor of Anchor International School in Kogi, was chosen as the winner in the professional category. Gladys Okoro won in the business area, Mary Jackson won in farming, and Elizabeth Ehigiamusoe received the lifetime achievement award. Every winner, except Ehigiamusoe, received N300,000.

Dr. Osaren Omokpae, chairman of the LAPO Board of Directors, said the honorees had overcome challenges to succeed in a variety of human undertakings by pure willpower, perseverance, and remarkable devotion.

He said that with the 2023 award recipients, there would be 37 women who have received awards since the program was established in 2013.
He stated, “Although considerable progress has been achieved in the fight to liberate women from the shackles of prejudice and violence, this day serves as a reminder that much work remains to be done to establish real gender rights and equality in Nigeria specifically, as well as across Africa.

“Son preference and depriving the female child of life prospects, low representation of women in leadership positions in the public and business sectors, child marriage, among other things, are examples of this inequality. It is also evident in the ongoing gender-based violence against women.

“LaPO has the view that it is necessary to address how women are marginalized in all sectors of our national life. We congratulate and celebrate with all of this year’s award recipients, who have overcome challenges to succeed in a variety of human activities by pure willpower, perseverance, and remarkable devotion.

According to the organization’s chairman, Dr. Godwin Ehigiamusoe, over 130 women are reportedly slain by their spouses or family members every day. One third of women worldwide have suffered some type of abuse from their husband.

The anniversary celebration for the LAPO Exceptional Women Leadership Award, he added, “is a testament to the strength of our belief in women’s empowerment and contributions to social growth.

“About 130 women are reportedly slain by partners or family members every day, and one third of women worldwide have suffered some type of abuse from their spouse.

“More than 25 years after the Beijing Declaration and Programme for Action were adopted, progress toward equal rights for women across nations remains elusive. We may not be able to make the needed progress toward the SDGs if we don’t fight against gender stereotypes, expose discrimination, call attention to prejudices, and promote inclusiveness.

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  1. This id very good, a hearty congratulations to the winners..and big kudos to other women out there who are pushing to make a differnce positively despite all odds.

    1. Its very painful to know that in this our age and time, there are people who still believe that women should not achieve great things in life but rather make babies, be housewives,cook etc…and tis comes from both gender……so sad.

      1. It os also sad to know that there are people out there who priotize the male child over the female child, giving the male more opportunities than the female…..also sad to know that there are husband spouse out there who beat their wives.

        1. Beating your wife is very bad…and dont even think it shows maturity because it does not show maturity at only projects you as a foolish man who only knows how to control his family by exerting out violence… also does not help the children because they will either grow up to hate you as the father, or grow up to become children with mental issues, who believe violence is the option in life.

          1. The same goes with not treating all children equally…its a very stupid way of life and thinking…..all c hildren are children….they should be granted equal opportunities in life so that they can fully utilize their talents in life.

    2. Due to the fact that it has become a mental tigma in the minds of most women and girl children, i strongly believe more women should be supported so as to encourage them.

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