Police order autopsy on remains of cop who died in Ogun ex-CP’s residence

Gbenga Onakomaya, a police sergeant, was discovered dead at the apartment of Lanre Bankole, the former police commissioner of Ogun State, and authorities with the Nigerian Police have now requested an autopsy on his remains.

Onakomaya, an armed guard at Bankole’s residence in the Ogun State capital of Abeokuta’s Kemta Housing Estate, Idi-Aba, passed away on Saturday.

The policeman reportedly went to sleep but had trouble waking up the next morning.

No foul play was involved, according to Oyeyemi, who further emphasized that anybody may pass away while sleeping.

A police officer who was on duty slept and had trouble waking up the next morning, he said.

It’s an instance of unexpected death. Nothing about it is out of the usual. That has occurred before and will likely happen again. Anywhere, even your home, is a place where anybody may become ill or pass away.

According to Oyeyemi, “the police have requested an autopsy to uncover any potential causes of the death.”

Onakomaya was allegedly taken by ambulance to the Federal Medical Centre in Idi Aba, Abeokuta, where the attending physician declared him dead.

According to a source, the cop’s remains were placed in the FMC morgue.

According to what was learned, “the deceased’s family has been notified, and an autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

According to reports, Bankole, who had been assigned to lead the FCID X-Squad in Lagos State, was not there when the event took place.

Usman Baba, the police’s inspector general, assigned Mr. Bankole to lead the FCID X-Squad at the department’s Annex.

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    1. However,bin as much as we want to be civil about this, the honest truth is that one can never tell with Nigeria and we Nigerians these days……i strongly hope the police run an autopsy on him….to determine if the death was normal one or if there are cats that need to be let out of the bag.

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